A chin refugee beaten by culprits

31, July, 2009, Kuala Lumpur

A chin refugee unknown who was working at factory in Johor Bahru, Malaysia was beaten by culprits and he was severely wounded. The incident was informed to VOCR by manager in the factory where a chin refugee was working but he refused to give detail.

Recently, not only he was discharged from his job but also his salary was deceived by the employer and he demanded his salary to his boss. But the boss ignored his begging and he called the culprits and beaten him. According to manager he is severely wounded and he became unconscious. After he was beaten up the boss lodged a reported to the police and the police patrol car arrived shortly then he was rush to hospital. After he had short-treatment in hospital he was taken to Police station because he has no proper document. He was recognized as refugee with he has RSD UC letter from the UNHCR office but the police did not recognized the letter which he has.

The incident is still under investigating by his friends and community leaders but the authorities may ignore the incident like in a previous time. These kinds of incident have been happening around chin refugee in Malaysia but anyone cannot handle in the court and acclaim for those who were deceived by their boss.

According to one of NGO interpreter this kind of incidents are trying to be handle by Tenaganita NGO but now, so far they handle this incident they cannot do anymore. But the UNHCR is considering who are in this incident.

UNHCR warned communities’ leaders to be trustworthy and accurate in Mobile registration

29 July, 2009

UNHCR held emergency meeting with Chin communities’ leaders around 2 P.M on Monday at UNCHR registration field. During the meeting, UNHCR mobile registration team’s in charge officer explained the reason for meeting and asked communities leaders to warn each representative’s communities to be accurate and honest in mobile registration. UNHCR mobile registration’s in charge also added that there were some fraud cases in Mobile registration and they will take serious action on those cases.

But according to one community leader, “people can not trust on UNHCR’s registration system because it has been changing its policy on the registration process over and again. So, they don’t want to lose their chance to tell their sotry to the UNHCR that how they were persecuted in Chin State, Myanmar. Some asylum seekers never get a chance to tell their claim, even though they had been in Malaysia since 2002 and plus. They are still worry that UNHCR would change the policy on registration again while they are still waiting for their turn”.

16 Chin Refugees arrested in Jalan Imbi Myanmar store

28 July, 2009
There was unexpected immigration raid at Myanmar store at Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur on this evening and 16 Chin Refugees were arrested. This is the third time surprised raid at Jalan Imbi. According to the confirm information, 16 Chin refugees were arrested inside Myanmar store while they were shopping. But until now we don’t have any further information about where they were taken to.

On the first raid, more than 170 Chin refugees were arrested when police with plain cloths raided on April, 2009 in this area, and they were detained in Bukit Jalil lock up. After about one week in police lock up, some were released but
some were transferred to Immigration camp.
Last month, about 22 Chin Refugees were arrested at the same place. That was second evening raid with plain cloths. They all were detained at Bukit Jalil lock up and some are released by the help of UNHCR, CRC and ACR.

Burmese restraurants In Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur

Hydrocephalus Over Chin Refugees in Malaysia


25 July, 2009,

Chawng Kit, Kuala Lumpur

Three Chin Refugees are in intensive care as they are suffering from Hydrocephalus disease (water on the brain) in GHKL (General Hospital Kuala Lumpur). They all fell suddenly down and when they rushed to hospital, hospital informed that they need operation. Ms .Nan Don Hau from Tedim Township had been operated on her head on 19-07-2009 and according to her husband she needs to do another operation else on tomorrow evening. Her husband is recognized as refugee but she is still unregistered with UNHCR. She was fallen down and rushed to Putra Jaya hospital but later transferred to GHKL. Doctors from GHKL are still looking for the cause and it is still unclear (no result). The other patient Mr. Ngun Tha Cung was fallen down on 14-07-2009 at his residence Jalan Ipoh. According to hospital authority, he has to pay around RM 2500 for operation and additional RM 500 for the bill. But a nurse told VOCR that, “He will not become normal as half of his body was paralyzed and he needs to do exercise regularly to recover completely”; she continued, “If he can pay his medication bills, he can be discharged from hospital now”. However, as he cannot afford to pay the bills, he is still laying in hospital bed. His poor brother is roaming around and trying to borrow some money from other Chin Refugees in Kuala Lumpur for his elder brother’s bill. Another patient from Mindat Mr. Ngei Thiang Hun is also being treated at GHKL for hydrocephalus in the same ward. He was a worker from plantation field in Cameron Highlands and was admitted to Ipoh hospital for the same disease. According to a nurse, “He is going to have operation this evening and we had already informed his brother who is working in Kuantan,” but, as he arrived recently that he doesn’t know how to come to the hospital. Ngei Thiang Hun got an appointment card from UNHCR office for his interview but the hospital didn’t accept the appointment card for 50 % discount that he is also facing financial problem.
In Malaysia, refugees patient who have UNHCR card get 50% discount for their medical bills but who doesn’t have the UNHCR card cannot get any discount. So, the UNHCR card holders have less hardship than the one who doesn’t have UNHCR card in case of health problem.

UNHCR in Malaysia actively working on Burmese Refugee Detainees

24 July ,2009

OPI department from UNHCR office, Malaysia visited two immigration camps where Burmese refugees are being detained within this week. On 20, 07, 2009 the OPI team from UNHCR office visited to Penang Juru camp where more than 500 Burmese refugees and migrant workers are being detained. They met more than hundred of detainees and less than 50% was registered. According to one detainee, there are approximately, six Chin refugees who are in the camp and maybe the number of Chin detainees are considered to be more than UNHCR record. Two of them are women and both of them are recognized as person of concerned refugees but the four male detainees had not been registered with UNHCR. On 22-07-2009 UNHCR also intervened with the authority and about 72 detainees were released from Land Kap camp. As all male detainees arrested with Immigration Act were transferred to KLIA camp and some chin female are still remained in Semenyih camp. Amnesty international from London visited to KLIA camp today and they helped some basic needs of detainees. Some analyst described that it was the out come of US senate foreign relationship committee report on human trafficking, as US government enlisted Malaysia on tier three, Malaysian authority became alter on human trafficking syndicates Which was secretly run by immigration officers for their own benefit. Recently more than nine immigration officers were arrested for involving with human trafficking syndicates. Currently South East Asian Association (ASEAN) meeting is being held in Thailand and Secretary of State Mrs. Cliton, recent express on Burma issue was widely publicized in local news papers. But authorities’ treatments on detainees are not improving.

Five Immigration officers held for human trafficking

KUALA LUMPUR, July 20 - Nine people, including five Johor Immigration Department officers, were arrested in several locations in the state since Friday, for alleged involvement in an international human trafficking syndicate.
The suspects were believed to have received payments from a syndicate for the “sale” of a group of people, comprising mostly Rohingya refugees, as forced labour in various sectors like the fisheries industry.Bukit Aman CID director Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin said the police had been monitoring the activities of the suspects, aged between 25 and 40, since March this year.
"According to a victim, the suspects were directly involved in human trafficking, starting from the Malaysia-Thai border to the rat trail believed to be their exit point to international countries."Upon reaching the exit point, the victims were handed over to a syndicate before being taken to a neighbouring country or sent back to Malaysia to work as forced labour," he told a press conference here today.The suspects have been remanded until Friday, and would be investigated under Section 13 of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act 2007 which carries an imprisonment for a term which may extend to 20 years and fine, if convicted.
Bakri said the suspects were believed to have worked closely with the syndicate which had been active since last year, adding that the police were in the midst of tracking down syndicate members and their accomplices.
Last month, the United States put Malaysia back on its list of countries suspected of not doing enough to combat human trafficking, together with six African countries, namely Chad, Eritrea, Niger, Mauritania, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.
In another development, Bakri said 772 foreign nationals and illegal immigrants were nabbed over the past four years, in connection with several rape cases.For the first six months of this year, he said, 134 foreigners and illegal immigrants were arrested for murder. - Bernama

Fourteen medical students from University of Malaya visited Chin Refugee Camp

18 July, 2009

On 18 July, 2009, fourteen medical students from University of Malaya visited Chin Refugee Camp in Kepong. The camp was built in 2004 and more than 30 persons live there. Most of the campers are from Matupi Township, southern Chin State, Myanmar.

“We have been in the camp for more than four years but no one has registered by the UNHCR. We had informed to the UNHCR office since we started building the camp but they hardly visited us. We were very delighted when they visited us” a camper said.

The students were accompanied by three volunteer interpreters and they spent their times there till midday. The students examined their blood and donated some breads for them. The campers were very appreciated.

Myanmarese body thrown from building

18 July 2009
A Myanmarese was murdered and his body hurled from the a 28 storey condominium under construction in Damansara.
Bawi Tlung Uk 38, a construction worker was believed to have been killed and thrown of the 25 floor of the building on 16 July 2009 (Thursday). The building management discovered the body at 1: 15 pm. Brickfields police chief Abdul Khalid said initial investigation show a criminal motive in the death of the foreigner as there were traces of blood on the floor.

Mr Bawi Tlung Uk is the eldest son of Pu Tin Uk Hmung and Pi Cia Iang of Salen Village, Thantlang township, Chin state. He came to Malaysia in 1995 and returned back to Myanmar in 2002. He married Ni Men Tial. After they had 2 children, he came to Malaysia again in 2005. His funeral service was held on 18 July 2009 at Seremban cemetery. Many Chin refugees attended his funeral service.

An Italian photographer visits Burmese Refugees Jungle Camp


On 11, July, 2009, interested photographer Mr. SergioGrande from Italy visited one of Chin refugee junglecamp in Kepong. On the same day, before he visitedto the camp in Kepong he visited Burmese refugeeresidential in Jalan Imbi also. Mr. Sergio had been inMyanmar a few years ago and he is so close withBurmese people and very interest to work withBurmese refugee a round the world.
When VOCRasked what does the main purpose for the trip, hesaid many of Italian do not know what is happeninginside and outside of Burma. They watched ontelevision and they saw how Burmese people aresuffering and persecuted by their own government(SPDC) but they do not recognized their affliction.Predominantly, on September 2007 demonstrationthe government was killed even the monks and manyof demonstrators were arrested and detained innotorious Insein prison and they sentenced for manyyears imprisonment. I will put all photos I have takenfrom Burmese refugees in Malaysia on my magazineand I am going to publicize in Italy to give awarenessof all Italian about Burmese refugees in Malaysia.Hopefully, my witness will be helpful for Europeanpeople to aware what really happening inside Burmaand what Burmese minorities are suffering andstruggling for their survival.

A Chin Community Leader Hit By A Car


12 June, 2009

Zophei Community Health coordinator Mr. Tluang Hei was hit by a car around 9 am this morning on his way to Tsuzi Clinic which is fortnightly opened for Burmese refugees for free of charge. He was seriously injured on his head and became unconscious. He was immediately admitted at Kuala Lumpur General Hospital at Chowkit. He has been on coma since the incident and the whole Chin community is too much worried over his condition. His condition becomes worse and is hopeless, said an eyewitness at the hospital a few minutes ago.
The incident happened at the same place where a Chin boy was hit to death by a car in the mid of last month.

UNHCR Office in Malaysia has started mobile registration

The beginning of July, 2009, the UNHCR office in Malaysia has started mobile registration with Burmese refugee. According to community and organization leader the UNHCR has been registered more than 300 asylum-seekers from Chin State in Burma within July and the UNHCR also warned every asylum-seekers and community leaders to aware and bear in mind the following point when they meeting at UNHCR office last month.
1. A person who enrolled their name at South- Kuala Lumpur are deter to approach the North while registration and If someone whom doesn't follow this caution is arrested by the police on the way the UNHCR will not help them.
2. Not to do corruption and selling their appointment card. A person or community leader who asked the money for registration will be banned and will cut-off their connection with UNHCR. Not only for individual but the community, which makes corruption and UNHCR connection will cut-off if anyone make corruption.
3. A person who has been registered ACR and CRC must knows his/ her date of birth, parents names and date of arrival to Malaysia while in registration.
4. If you enrolled your name at many place you have a right to chose the only one place and need you to informed your community leaders the place you had chosen.
5. You must bring your written statement (case) with you. The UNHCR will not except anyone who doesn't have written statement.
6. Who want to attach the whole family their case must call their family members while registration and they must attach only their very own child.
7. The family cannot attach their back family in Myanmar and above eight teen years old.

72 Burmese detainees releases from Lenggeng camp

10,7, 2009
72 Burmese Nationality detainees at Lengeng camp are released by UNHCR-OPI department on 10,7, 2009. According to interpreter they were registered as refugee under UNHCR mandate and issued UN documents for their security. Since deportation was paused by Malaysian Authority UNHCR –OPI team actively help Burmese detainees, who are detained for undocumented. Breaking news for Communities is that, all Burmese nationalities who are detaining in Semenyih camp are transferred to KLIA immigration detention facility. KLIA detention facility is famous for brutal treatment and very hard to access for UNHCR also.
The main reason transfering from Seminyih to KLIA camp is that there was protesting and unrest broke out between detainees and camp authorities in Semenyih camp last week. One of the detainee involved in the riot at the camp said the trouble started at 8pm after camp authorities beat 30 detainees who were refusing to board a truck that was to take them to another camp. Intimately, KLIA camp is different with Seminyih and Lengkeng camp. In Semenyih and Lengkeng camp the UNHCR team can access anytime and they can meet Burmese refugee prisoner but they cannot access in KLIA camp. The UNHCR team is trying to protect the prisoner from repatriation to their country and waiting for permission from authorities to access the camp.

Two men charged with human trafficking

PUTRAJAYA: Two local men were separately charged in the Sessions Court here today with human trafficking and reaping profit from the activity.Mohd Nazeri Mat Hussein, 50, of Rantau Panjang, Kelantan, is alleged to have trafficked a Myanmar, Mohd Ikbal Mohd Ali, 29, behind the wholesale market complex at Km12, Jalan Ipoh, Sentul, at 11.30am on April 22. He faces a second charge of exploiting Mohd Ikbal for RM1,500 profit at the same place and time.
Meanwhile, Azhar Yusof, 32, of Selama, Perak, is charged with trafficking another Myanmar, Mohd Rafik Nor Aslam, 26, in front of the Maybank branch in Jalan 2/3 Bandar Baru Utara, Km12 Jalan Ipoh, Sentul, at 1.30pm on April 10 and exploiting him for a RM1,500 profit. The offence of trafficking under section 13 of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act 2007 carries a maximum 20 years and a fine on conviction while exploitation under section 15 carries a maximum 15 years jail and liability of a fine of up to RM500,000. Deputy public prosecutor Mohd Dasuki Mokhtar asked the court to deny bail in both cases because both the accused were members of a syndicate which ran a network for human smuggling and trafficking.
"I fear that if they are released on bail, it could frustrate the police investigation. This is a serious case and the government takes a very serious view of such cases," he said adding that the court's decision should reflect the government's seriousness in tackling human trafficking. Judge Fathiyah Idris disallowed bail and fixed Aug 10 for mention. Mohd Nazeri and Azhar were unrepresented.

Voice of Chin Refugees: Contact Us

Voice of Chin Refugees: Contact Us
Contact VOCR newsgroup

Email: voiceofchin@gmail.com
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Police raid and road block increasing amidst UNHCR registered more CHIN refugee in Malaysia

Polices raid on undocumented Chin refugees are increasing day-by-day in Chin populated area Jalan Imbi and Kuala Lumpur area. Polices with plain cloths arrested more than 20 chin refugees in Jalan Imbi where Chin Refugee Centre is located. As UNHCR started mobile registration on Chin refugees, Chin Refugee in Malaysia are busy with contacting their village leaders. But police took advantage on this busy Chin Refugee and arrested are in creasing day- by-day.According to Mr. Henry (CRC volunteer) police also notice that UNHCR registration and before they have UN document they try to earn money from vulnerable Chin Refugees.

Waitress abused by her employer

Kuala Lumpur
2 July, 2009
Ms.Angelina (Name Changed) from Hakha Township was several injured as her drug addicted employer abuse sexually and physically. According to confirmed source she has been illicit relationship with her employer later her employer accused her as having boy friend and she was physically and sexually abused. Before she could manage to escape from her employer apartment she had been detained for four days. As she could not bear any more she fled from her job on 02 July,2009 and as soon as she disappear her boss attacked their village flat which is located in Jalan Alor area. According to relatives, her employer is Arabian and he also attacked three of her close friends.
On 02 July, 2009 nigh her employer along with local gangsters with fake police identity attacked their village flats and three of her friend as well as some of her relatives were beaten. The next day they approached to UNHCR for protection and she was located to disclose place by her relatives and Chin Community in Malaysia. They made police report to Ampang police station and her employer was arrested later. But Chin communities Kuala Lumpur is still on the alert on this accident. Unemployment number is increasing amongst chin refugee in these days as result many Chin young girls are absorbed by easy money earning and our tradition of loyalty and faithfulness which are proud-ness of CHIN identity are jeopardize.

Pu Zo Tum Hmung visits ACR office in Malaysia

Pu Zo Tum Hmung from the United States of America visited ACR main office on 22 June 2009 and encouraged ACR leaders to continue their work. "As ACR is a big organization and was established by Chin ethnics, UNHCR appreciates the administration and we hope that UNHCR and ACR will work hand-in-hand in the future," he said. According to ACR's weekly newsletter, the UNHCR will start to register all ethnic groups from Burma without discrimination this year.
For this reason, it is important that the community organizations are well-organized and represent equally all asylum seekers regardless of ethnicity or religion. ACR will be monitoring the registration process this year and which communities are being registered. ACR will request a second registration within communities where registration numbers are low. Some Chin refugee leaders are saying that future of resettlement to the United States for the Chin people is uncertain and unrealistic now. Many Iraq refugees are waiting for help and if the new president Barack Obama accepts Iraqi refugee this year, it is likely that refugees from Burma will be a second priority. Therefore, anyone who is registered with UNHCR must go to any third country without selectivity.

Meeting Between Parents and Teachers Held

Parents and teachers held a meeting at ACR's office on 22,June,2009 in order to discuss the studies of Chin refugee children in Malaysia. Chin parents and teachers want to improve the standards of the school to meet international school standards. According to the teachers, they do not have monthly tests, but they review every lesson upon completion. They have examinations at least every four months. Students who are interested in their lessons tend to have good test results. The teachers also indicated that they are going to reward students who achieve high exam results.
As they have only six computers in the school, the teachers are dividing their students into 12 pupils per group for computer lessons each day. According to the ACR weekly newsletter, the teachers ensure that a pediatrician checks the students' health every month. As they do not have enough funds to continue checking the students' health, the fund-raising committee will start a lucky draw raffle on August 16 to raise month for this activity.

Burmese Injured in Malaysia Camp Riots

Eight Burmese detainees were wounded after a small riot broke out at the Semenyih Immigration camp near Kajang Township, in Malaysia on Wednesday. Speaking clandestinely to The Irrawaddy on Thursday, one of the detainees involved in the riot at the camp said the trouble started at 8pm after camp authorities beat 30 detainees who were refusing to board a truck that was to take them to another camp.
The detainees began breaking up the walls of their rooms and throwing plates at security officers, demanding prison authorities release the 30 people who had been loaded onto the truck. The police used tear gas to break up the riot.“We are very angry after we heard they had beaten and forced fellow prisoners to get on a truck and be moved another camp. When they came for them they said it was only to meet officials from the UNHCR [United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees],” he said.The detainee was in hiding as he talked to The Irrawaddy by phone from the camp. Camp authorities ban the use of mobile phones.
“On Tuesday, two Burmese detainees were also seriously beaten when they went to the clinic to ask for medicine. One detainee was beaten around the eyes,” Lwin Oo reported. “We don’t know if he will regain his vision because his eyes are filled with blood. At the moment he can’t see,” he said. “The other detainee suffered cigarette burns on his body and is in serious condition now.”Yante Ismail, a spokesperson for the UNHCR based in Kuala Lumpur told The Irrawaddy, Thursday, that a group from UNHCR left for the camp that morning to investigate the riot.She said that she was unable to provide any further details on what happened at the camp.The Malaysian National News Agency announced on their Bernama website that no one was injured during the riot and that the situation was under control.
According to Burmese rights groups in Malaysia, there are about 700 Burmese detainees at the Semenyih Immigration camp. They are accusing camp authorities of keeping people who have already served sentences in detention.Roi Mon, a member of the Mon Refugees Organization based in Malaysia, said that inmates do not have enough food and water, and the camp is crowded because the authorities have refused to release detainees.
Meanwhile, in its annual Trafficking in Persons Report 2009 released in June, the US State Department put Malaysia back on the Tier 3 blacklist for its record of abuse and exploitation of migrant workers. Malaysia joins 16 other countries including Burma, North Korea, Sudan and Zimbabwe on the blacklist.
The report accused Malaysia authorities of deporting Burmese detainees to the Thai-Malaysia border and selling them to human traffickers, who then demanded ransoms for their release.
If payments were not made, the victims would be forced to work as slave labor on fishing boats in Thailand and Indonesia, and women could be forced to work as prostitutes in brothels.
Malaysian authorities have disputed the report’s conclusions.
According to the Kuala Lumpur-based Burma Workers’ Rights Protection Committee, about 500,000 Burmese migrants work in Malaysia, legally and illegally.